I’m very appreciative of Anne Walton’s valuable training full of inspiration and ideas to make Journalling interesting and useful. I'm journaling more often now, the workshop gave me all sorts of ideas. I enjoyed Anne’s style very much, it worked just right for me -- a gentle pace with time to pause and reflect. This supports my learning and eliminates the anxiety I sometimes get if the pace of a training is too fast. I would recommend it to anyone who is on the certification path, and anyone interested in NVC & journalling who isn't on the path. Mike Wilson, UK, May/18


At one of Anne’s practice groups, I asked for and received support about “freezing up” in workplace meetings – over the next few days, I had a couple of meetings at which I was the main presenter.  I was able to stay in a place of ease and flow which I believe that was a direct result of our time together in the practice group. Glenn Nugent, Ottawa, June 2018


The depth with which Anne listened and reflected back to me helped me connect with some powerful gifts & knowing. I very much appreciated my time with her! L M, Edmonton, June, 2018


I recently took my first course in NVC with Anne Walton. I was a bit apprehensive about stepping into something so new to me, especially in an on-line format, but the supportive environment that Anne was able to create quickly put my fears to rest. Each week she’d listen to our check-ins and would create a warm opening mediation that would speak directly to what was alive in our intimate group. Anne walks her talk by consistently modelling presence, vulnerability and self care. She understands the power of community and how to create it. What a beautiful introduction to NVC! Thank you Anne!     L.H. Toronto, Canada, Mar 2018


Anne has a clean and clear style of communicating; a 'safe place' to go to for clarity with sorting through interpersonal challenges. She has an ability to keep things focused in a way that is light hearted and really gets to the heart of the matter."  Lisa Hogan, Calgary, AB, Spring 2017


I would also like to send a huge thank you to you for the wonderful course. I am grateful for how much I learned and that I got to connect with so many of the other students. I now have multiple empathy buddies which provides me with so much opportunity to practise and I have a feeling that some of them may just end up being long time friends. It sounds like switching to video conferencing was a bit of a challenge for you, however, from my perspective I felt you stayed well connected to all the students. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I look forward to keeping the principles of NVC in practise for the rest of my life. Thank you for getting me started and I look forward to when our paths meet next, which I would imagine to be in the near future! :)

I was appreciating once again your vulnerability in sharing your heart, experiences and personal thoughts with the group. I don't think I have encountered a facilitator that is so open and I really appreciate it. I notice that I feel much more relaxed and open to sharing and being vulnerable than I would normally be in a group and am able to go to a deeper place of awareness and healing when the facilitator is open and vulnerable. So thank you for leading the way! I also was appreciating your authenticity as well. I appreciate how you are open to sharing your Jackals with us.

I noticed this morning that I was much more connected to my self gentleness and it was a GREAT feeling! Thank you for helping us and guiding us to re-connect to our deeper selves and those life-giving qualities.

Ana MacMillan, Carleton Place, ON, March, 2017


I am especially grateful for your stopping me and pointing out how wonderful the conversation with my son went. It fills me with joy, relief and gratitude to become aware that I am modeling NVC and as a result my son is learning it too. It is having huge impact on our connection & will continue to do so into the future throughout his life and future generations hopefully! That is monumental! I have since shared with others this story in expressing my value for the positive impact NVC has in my life and my family. Jolie Newton, spring, 2017


After speaking with Anne about some challenges I was having in my relationship with my brother and his wife, I stayed with them for 2 months and we were able to smooth things over! Everyone's need to be heard has been met, and we're actually having quite a nice fall together The insights Anne gave me were a part of my being able to reach this point and I’m grateful. S.I., Ottawa, autumn, 2016

I really enjoyed Anne's clear presentations in the classes I attended. Anne spoke 'just plain old English' in her description of the process. It was easy to follow, especially with the help of the visual props that she used. Marie Coulter, SB IIT 2014

Thank you for creating such a fun and safe environment in which to practice NVC. PS, Los Angeles

Thank you very much for a beautiful, transforming weekend. You did a fantastic job - you felt very present, in the moment, open, and excited to share and participate with us. I learned invaluable tools to use in daily life. Looking forward to utilizing NVC more and more in my life.   CM, Edmonton

Like yoga, it takes regular practice to become conversant and comfortable with NVC, but I feel I am on the right path thanks to you.  KD, Calgary

You presented in a way that I could easily understand, was entertaining and kept my interest. AL, Calgary

I am grateful to you for responding in a different way with each person you give empathy to, bringing me awareness of how rich the process of giving empathy can be.   AG, Oregon

I love the way you teach and explain the NVC empathy practice.  You do it such a way I can really hear and understand what you’re saying (lots of clarity and kindness). DB, Sacramento

Anne’s leadership skills quickly create a warm, light-hearted environment of connection, respect, and safety. Her teaching style gives the opportunity to practice with nurturing guidance. I felt supported to allow myself to be vulnerable as I explored my emotions, and in doing so was able to make lasting changes. LR, Santa Barbara

Anne as always you are my hero in the department of courage and risk taking and creativity and passion for what you do and for commitment. DB, Calgary

Anne comes across as a very experienced facilitator with great presence.  She applies Nonviolent Communication to her conversations and the impact is a feeling of genuine compassion.  I learned a lot from her during my introduction to NVC and had fun as well.  She’s an absolute delight. MH, Calgary

Anne Walton facilitated 2 sessions for our staff support day; the topics were “Conflict Resolution” and “Bringing Humour to Your Life”. From the outset, Anne’s warm, authentic style created an environment of enthusiastic participation. Her sessions were packed full of inspiring, practical information all delivered in a fun, easy to learn manner. Her quick wit in dealing with the unexpected turns and disruptions of the day contributed greatly to the positive atmosphere. Everyone went home feeling energized and positive.  Calgary Continuing Care Education Coordinators Group