Southeren California Certification Preparation Pod

I’m a certified trainer for The Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) since 2001.  Nonviolent Communication (NVC) has changed my life.  It gave me a process to understand what was going on inside me and express it without criticizing, blaming or making others wrong.  NVC has given me the tools to differentiate between what was happening and the story I was making up about it.  This opened the door to authenticity and accountability as I connected to my feelings and values and became empowered to express my truth openly and vulnerably.  At the same time I learned how to listen to others.  In short, I now have more connection with Source, myself and the relationships with others.  I’m happier than I have ever been and want to share this. 

I’m now an Assessor in Training with CNVC under the guidance of Katherine Singer, Assessor.  I want to support those committed to living and sharing NVC to become Certified Trainers with the CNVC.  This is a big commitment on my part and I want to work with those who share a vision of the world being a better place when we take care of each other using NVC.

Program Component Possibilities Include:

  • Monthly pod calls
  • Create a plan for certification recieve support for completing it
  • Group discussion of Key Differentiations and Principles of NVC
  • Self assessment using the Pathways to Liberation matrix
  • Feedback and Empathy
  • Potential practice partners
  • Facilitating and presenting opportunities with feedback and/or coaching
  • Program will be co-created by those who join
  • Marketing your NVC workshops
  • Pod members participate in pre-assessment and final assessment as a community
  • More . . .

This pod is forming now and will begin in January 2019.  First step is to download the Certification Preparation Packet from, and read it.  If you have questions or interest, please contact me. 

Rodger Sorrow

Mobile 805-452-8874