Rodger Sorrow

I enjoy offering private sessions for individual, couples, and families.  This practice has allowed me to contribute to people who are going through a difficult time to be able to hear each other and connect.  I use a combination of Compassionate Communication, Law of Attraction, The Work by Byron Kate, Council and humor in my sessions. I'm also a CNVC approved Assessor in Training and support Certification Candidates in their process.

Private Sessions may include but are not limited to:

  • Empathy regarding a certain situation
  • Couples sessions that support each of you being heard
  • Discussion of the practice and/or principles of NVC
  • Role play an upcoming important conversation
  • Transforming old pain using role play
  • Transforming beliefs that don't serve you
  • Heart storming stategies that will serve life
  • Exploring places where you are stuck
  • Connecting with your vision

My requested fee is found on the sliding scale of $100 - $200 per hour.  Sessions last from one to two hours and  are offered in my home, 100 N La Cumbre Road, Apt 16, Santa Barbara, Ca 93110 or phone or Skype.  I would be happy to talk with you to help you decide if this is something that would benefit you.  You can contact me by phone or text at 805-452-8874 or email

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