Learn, Practice and Integrate NVC into Your Life, Relationships, Family, Organizations and Community!

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with Rodger Sorrow

For Older Adults (and everyone else)

This class is for anyone who wants to improve the quality of connection in your relationships with family, co-workers and community. We will cover the basic foundations of nonviolent communication as developed my Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D that will include:

  • Listening more fully with presence

  • Honesty with compassion and not with criticism or blaming

  • Embracing and appreciating our inner critic

  • Understanding the purpose of anger

  • Conflict resolution and your relationship to it

  • Living the intention of Compassionate Communication

  • Power and Privlidge - Obstacle or Resource?

  • Forgiveness for ourselves and others

  • Beneficial Regret

  • The spiritual basis of nonviolent communication

  • Role plays and more

  • Practice, practice, practice

  • FUN


Course Number:  PSY NC025 CRN 41750

8 Tues, Oct 22 – Dec 10, 2019,  6:15 – 8:30pm,

Room 31, Schott Campus, 310 W Padre St, Santa Barbara, CA

REGISTER IN PERSON IN CLASSROOM 31 or the office on either campus Schott or Wake.



Rodger Sorrow

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