12th Annual 2019 NVC Conference


March 29 - 31, 2019

SBCC School of Extended Learning

  Wake Campus

300 N. Turnpike Rd. Santa Barbara, CA 93111

I'm very excited this event is coming home to Santa Barbara!  This is where it started and it's back!  Andy Harper, Senior Director, is the one to thank!  He sees the immense importance of the message that nonviolent communication brings to our world in these times. 

Presenters Include: Jim and Jori Manske, Rodger Sorrow, Mary Mackenzie, Ariel Wrye, Jared Finkelstein, Shoshana Wheeler, Loraine Aguilar and more.

Tuition Assistance Available NOW!

Fee: $95 tuition and $5 materials for $100 total.  Tuition assistance is available now.  You must apply between Oct 2 and Nov 9, 2018. Sorry no flexibility. It's open now.  It's easy to get, just go to the office at either campus or call them at (805) 964-6853.  Tuition Assistance application window will close before registration opens.  Here is a link to the online application.

*Same price for one day or both

*Conference is for adults

Registration will open in late Nov 2018

Conference Organizer: Rodger Sorrow, rodgerhsorrow@gmail.com, mobile 805-452-8874 

Lunch: We plan to add an option to  pre-order lunch closer to the event. 

Parking:  Free parking at venue

Schedule for Saturday & Sunday: subject to change

8:30-9:00 Registration

9:00-9:30 Welcome gathering;

Presenters introduce sessions

9:45-11:15 Session 1

11:15-12:30 Lunch

12:30-2 Session 2

2:15-3:45 Session 3

3:45-4:15 Closing Gathering

What is Nonviolent Communication?

Nonviolent Communication is the integration of 4 things:
1. Consciousness: a set of principles that support living a life of compassion,
collaboration, courage, and authenticity
2. Language: understanding how words contribute to connection or distance
3. Communication: knowing how to ask for what we want, how to hear others
even in disagreement and how to move toward solutions that work for all
4. Means of influence: sharing “power with others” rather than using “power
over others”