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Coming back to the Heart!

Over the past year, I've noticed how frequently I'm triggered by the man who is now the president of the United States..........I've had a very strong enemy image of him. 

From time to time I'd think how much more beneficial it would be to send him love and compassion and energetically give him empathy.  Then the jackals would say, in a sarcastic tone, "Well, that's a noble goal!" I just wasn't able (or willing?) to go there! 

I needed some major encouragement and inspiration and it came from an unexpected source...........

Recently I watched a documentary on a young Canadian man who spent 10 years in the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay. At 15, Omar Khadr was the youngest person ever to be sent there. 

One of the stories Omar shared about his time there was about a guard who was particularly cruel to him, Omar tried to imagine ways he could get even with the guard. After some contemplation, Omar realized that if this guard was causing him pain, the guard must be in pain himself! 

I was dumbstruck when I heard this...........imagine finding compassion for one's "tormentor" in circumstances of such profound duress, distress and pain! 

What a gift it was for me to hear this! If this young man, in such dire circumstances and a teenager at the time, could find it in his heart to have compassion for this man, perhaps I could find compassion in my heart!

Since then, I’ve been able to send love and compassion to the US president and to imagine being in his presence and offering him empathy. I'm not yet able to do this all the time and I'm celebrating the times that I can!

Thank you Omar for raising the bar and bringing me back to my heart! Anne Walton, Aug 11, 2017

Here's the link to the documentary if you'd like to watch it, it is painful to witness at times and very insprational. http://www.cbc.ca/firsthand/episodes/omar-khadr-out-of-the-shadows



Reader Comments (2)

Yes Ann, I too am hoping he can get as much empathy and understanding as possible.
Can you guess how much pain he was in when the number of people who showed up for his inauguration were less than Obama's?
And all those tweets that come out in the wee hours of morning.. I am guessing he is not sleeping too well.
I understand that he watches the news and TV a lot. Can you imagine what it must be like to hear people calling him a liar.
And of course, he is doing what he thinks is best he can do. What it must be like to have the government set up a witch hunt and distract him from setting what he thinks is a better health plan.
And he prizes loyalty and secrecy. Can you imagine how he feels that that doesn't seem to be happening? Even Mitch, his once loyal supporter , is no longer doing what he wants.
He must be in a lot of pain and suffering.
Would you like to start a Giraffe's for Trump support group?
Recovering Jackal

August 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJohn

I had a session with a HeartMath student last Thursday morning and she was telling me that each day after she practices heartmath techniques and has come into balance/coherence she sends love and compassion to Trump, as well as many more.. God Bless her! I believe that is the very most positive thing one can do for self and for anyone, including Trump. Anne, I am so exilirated and happy that you are making progress regarding feelings regarding Trump. And I am so happy that you share your humaness here and openly. That is what makes for a beautiful world unfolding.
I believe and know that we are each a project in the workings of human evolvement.. I do my best to keep growing - with heart - and I trip sometimes. I don't watch the news alot as it does not give me much peace, but when I hear Trumps name I am curious as to what is happening and I hear bits and pieces. But I don't give it alot of my attention, as if I do my energy comes down. I pay for it.
I really appreciate your sharing of your story and progress. It brings me to the truth that we are each so human and some of that is amazingly beautiful and some of that is the struggles and bumps that help us to grow a wee bit more, if we wish to, and make more beauty. I want to keep on keeping on growing and striving for more beauty, and I know you want to also. Nonviolent Communication and community helps me get to parts of myself that I hadn't yet reached or given undivided attention to. I love it! ♥

August 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterArlene

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