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The Perks of Taking Care of Ourselves!

Over the past few years, I've had some health challenges; in 2016 I spent a total of 7 days in hospital and I'm not even a big fan of Western Medicine! "What a bummer," I'd think, "Why is this happening to me?" I'd rail at the gods! 

These experiences with my health, "forced" me to slow down and gradually (very gradually) it dawned on me that there might just be a gift to this experience!!

This slowing down brought me a greater sense of compassion for others – since one of my experiences was pain, if someone seemed “irritable”, I’d get to wondering if perhaps they were in pain as well.

After some time, I began also to have more compassion for myself. I realized my body was yearning for more spaciousness, ease and relaxation. 

Since it was also clear to me how much I love sharing NVC, how could I continue to do so AND travel a lot less, set up classes that allowed me down time in my day, in short, take better care of myself?

Then I got inspired to begin offering video conferencing classes. So, over the course of this autumn, I've been offering an NVC mentoring series for folks who wanted to deepen their practice of NVC and share it with others. 

What an incredible blessing this has been! I feel so deeply nourished by my time with my "mentees" - the depth of connection, sharing, vulnerability is delightful for me to be part of. And I get to connect NVCers with other NVCers from various parts of the planet, folks who they might not ever connect with otherwise.

These amazing benefits are inspiring me to stay on track with taking it easier, slowing down and deeply nourishing myself. I'm celebrating the strides I'm making in that direction!!

Anne Walton, CNVC Certified Trainer  

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