An evening of comedy & laughter!

SUN, NOV 1, 7-830pm in OTTAWA

 This fabulous evening features:

 HER MAJESTY - Sharing intimate details of life at Buckingham Palace! 

COSMIC QUEST - Anne's one woman comedy about the Spiritual Journey! 

Tickets $20 available from Anne

613 204 8824 or



In the late 90s, when Anne’s life was in shambles, she heard a message from Spirit instructing her to create and perform comedy routines. Anne’s immediate response was “I don’t think so!”

Despite her protestations, the voice insisted until, in the spring of 97, she created and performed her first comedy routine. Anne was absolutely terrified until about 10 min prior to going on stage then she relaxed and let the muse flow. The rush of elation and joy she felt was like nothing she had ever experienced.

The next “assignment” from Spirit was to create a one woman show. In true form, Anne loudly protested; again there was no letting up from the voice within! So, in the fall of 2001, she launched “CO(S)MIC QUEST” to rave reviews from audiences around North America! 



"Anne Walton’s journey thru life comes alive on the stage. Her stories are our stories and her humorous portrayal helps us see ourselves in a new way. She cuts thru the seriousness of life’s challenges in a way that had us roaring. The laughter was contagious, unifying and healing. Don’t miss this show – you’ll be laughting all the way home!" Rev Jane Westerkamp, Bonita Church of Religious Science, CA

"I had the good fortune of seeing Anne Walton do a 20 min comedy routine in Arkansas; she gave the impression of a stage veteran ready for prime time. Her “Queenie” role had the whole audience howling with laughter. The second and more personal part of her act drew the audience into active participation and helped us join in the fun and hilarity of her journey. She enlivened and en-lightened all of us!"    Robert McNary of Lavina, MT   

"There is a grace in Anne Walton’s stand up comedy routines through which we can glimpse her soul. Her “channeling” of Queen Elizabeth is clever, sophisticated and very funny. She pulls it off with a  polish befitting Her Majesty, making it all the more hilarious. It is a true treat to experience!" Helen Curry of New Canaan, CT